CFSLO Athletes!!!

Team Series

Team Series 2015 "Swoller Bears" Left to right Katie, Alec, Dan, and Shannon.

Team Series

Team Series 2015. " 2 Snatches, 2 Jerks", Left to right Nick, Bonnie, Sarah, and Pat

Team Series

Team Series 2015. "Fast Snatches, SLO Jerks" Left to right Jordon, Lexi, Cheyenne and John.

Partner WOD Saturday

Front left to right Taylor, Cheyenne, Norma, Carley, Melissa. Back row left to right, Josh, Alec, Jordan, Morty, Jessica, Amy, Leslie, Sanaz, and John.


A Wife, Mom, and CrossFitter!!

Aaron PR

Aaron hitting his PR - 155b snatch!
Wilson Back Squating!!!

Team WOD

Top left to right: John, Jordan, Pat, Cate, Kevin, Josh. Bottom left to right Krissy, Norma, Lexi, Laurel
Morty at 54 years old. PR Deadlift @ 205lbs

Great job last night ladies!

Left to Right, Cheyenne, Cate, Carley, Amy, Lauren, Luciana, Alisa, Elizabeth, Kellie.

Team Series 2014

Left to right Kevin, Norma, Dan and Sanaz

Clayton Clean & Jerk 305lbs

CFSLO Athletes!
Olivia and Carley working together!!!
Workout 15.5 The calm before the storm!
Sanaz Rahimi, Jason Khalipa, Tanya Ortega and Norma Valadez at NorCal Crossfit.
CFSLO's own Dan with the amazing Camille Leblanc-Bazinet!!!
Melissa working on her Deadlifts!!!
Great lifting clinic with Rita Benavidez!!!! Awesome info for our athletes and so fun meeting Coach Rita! Can't wait for another session....
Dan, Clean 275lbs. with 7 Front Squat!


Keep up the hard work
Having Fun @ CFSLO!

Calm before the storm 6400m Row!

Back to the Front Morty, Jesses, Norma, Caroline, Amy, Laurel, Ashley, and Nick.
Back John, Krissy, Morty, Blanca, Avi, Chris, Kevin, Carley Shannon, Lisa, Front: Laurel, Norma, Jay, Cheyenne, Katie, Dan, Melissa!

Partner WOD

Working together Sanaz, Melissa, Carley!!!
Melissa P. working on her handstand!
Our Mom's doing Wall Balls. Alisa and Kellie!!!
Rita Benavides working with Ben on his lifts
Christina working hard!!!
Great to have finally met Diane Fu and catch her coaching her Olympic lifting class. Sanaz, Diane Fu, Wilson
Clayton doing the CF Open 15.1
CFSLO Team working on Lifts
Kellie at 44!!!
Bonnie PR's her Deadlift at 245lbs!!!
Honored to have these two Pro Athletes in CrossFit SLO today, Mark Herzlich & Bear Pascoe
USCG working on TRX!!!
Congratulations Alyson your first Handstand!!!
Cate doing 15.5
Thinking of trying CrossFit. I would like to introduce Mrs. Moon Ja at 73
Kai working on his Back Squat 405lb
Girls Gone Strong!!! Back row left to right: Melissa, Sanaz, Olivia, Cate, Lisa, Lauren, Amy, Carley. Front Row left to right: Laurel, Natacia, and Norma!!!
Dean working on his Front Squat!!!
Melissa P. working!!!
Sam working on her walking Lunges
Some of CFSLO Family!!! Back row left to right: Morty, Ben, Amy, Carley, Cheyenne, Bonnie, Nick, Christopher, Melissa, Sanaz, Jordan. Front row left to right: Olivia, Oliver, James, Aiden, Erin, Caitlin!!!
Laurel doing 15.1


Josh woking on his Skills


Working on her lifts!!!

Partner WOD

Morty, Adriana and Amy

Even rain doesn't stop our fun & fearless CrossFit ladies!


Partner WOD




Finishing 16.1


Doing 16.1


working hard!


One of our CFSLO Mom's working hard!

Mark and Tanner

Matt Cia

CrossFit Games Athlete 2016 and 2017. Visiting our CFSLO Box


Working on her technique!

Sam and Melissa

Just having fun!


Working on her Pistol Squat!


At 64 and working on her Rope Climb!